About the film

Is sisterly love strong enough to convince young Esther to join her hard-nosed sister’s prostitution ring as the next Madame of her brothel? Broken is a short fiction drama told through the lens of a female sex trafficker and reflects on the moment when an ordinary individual is at the brink of corruption. The short film is a capstone thesis project for Director Anedra E. in order for her to obtain her Master of Fine Arts degree in Film and Electronic Media from American University.

In the story, Esther is a shy, sweet, kind-hearted 20-year-old but unable to keep any of her small jobs. Her older sister Ruth runs a bed and breakfast (B&B) with her on and off boyfriend, Boris, aka Boe. Desperate for a job, Esther turns to her sister to work in her B&B, a business she’s not too keen on joining because this B&B doubles as a brothel in the basement.

Ruth decides to bring in young pre-teens to add to her assembly of women in order to mold them into prostitutes. Ruth hires Esther as a receptionist for the B&B. Esther is quickly mesmerized by the power Ruth holds around the young girls and Boe, a power Esther has never been able to proclaim.

Esther’s tasks as a receptionist include answering phone calls and directing guests. It’s repetitive and quiet boring but it’s something Esther can do. With a job this easy, Esther could start over fresh and turn over a new leaf in her life…until one day when everything goes haywire.